Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bikini Graffiti?

Voila Bikini Graffiti is the “modern day Merkin”! Merkins existed years ago as “pubic wigs” and today, Voila has expanded upon the idea to create Bikini Graffiti a line of fashion forward Merkins that can be worn as a show piece or as an added layer of surprise!

Why Do I Want One?

Voila Bikini Graffiti allows women with pure confidence and a playful attitude to bring a sense of surprise and sexiness into their repertoire of seduction! Whether you are a professional entertainer or a fun loving woman who just wants to make a statement, Voila Bikini Graffiti is surely the only way to go when decorating your precious lady.

How Do I Wear Bikini Graffiti?

Voila products are all made from the highest quality materials including a hypo-allergenic, medical grade adhesive backer. Just peel away and stick! Easy and secure, the included adhesive backers can be used for the easiest way to wear Voila Bikini Graffiti. Want to reuse your Merkin again and again? Voila has designed our line of products to include high-grade sythentic leather backings that allow for the use of eye-lash glue application. Recommended for those ladies leading the show girl lifestyle, eye-lash glue can be used to secure your Bikini Graffiti and keep it a part of your routine on an on-going basis.

Do I Need to be Completely Shaved or Waxed?

Bikini Graffiti is best worn on areas that have been treated by waxing or shaving. However, our medical grade adhesive backers are strong enough to stick and peel away painlessly, even when you may have some stubble or extra growth.

How Long Does Bikini Graffiti Last?

Voila Bikini Graffiti can last up to 24-hrs., even being worn under other garments/underwear!

What is included a Bikini Graffiti Package?

Voila Bikini Graffiti comes in two distinct shapes, “classic” and “landing strip”. Each style of Bikini Graffiti (Party, Fur, Glamour) comes with both shapes included and multiple hypo-allergenic adhesive backers.

Do You Sell Bikini Graffiti for Wholesale?

Yes! We are open to partnerships in the retail market and welcome any inquiries regarding wholesale opportunities, please contact us at

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